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Apex Cruises & Travel is a tour operator, specializing in operating the expedition cruises to the Arctic and Antarctica as well as leisure cruises all over the world. With headquarter located in USA, Apex is a member of CLIA and each officer has more than 10-year professional experience in operating cruise industry.

With passion for travel, Apex team dedicates to sharing with others their expertise and experience. Apex designs special routes and elegant tours for both leisure cruises and expedition tours. For different groups or organizations, Apex is delighted to provide with the customized itinerary to meet clients' needs.

Nowadays, the North Pole and Antarctica expedition cruise travelers further seek to travel on Ocean cruises over the world and River cruises, including the Danube, the Rhine, the Volga, and the rivers of Ukraine, Portugal and Cambodia-Vietnam (Mekong River). Apex Tours works together with cruise lines to offer cruise voyages combining beautiful views and landscapes along with great shore excursions allowing travelers to get to know the countries of their trip well. Apex Tours offers great and affordable rates for cruises.

Cruising is very popular in western culture, while in Asia, the market for cruising is still young. In order to promote fascinating and elegant cruising concept into Asian market, Apex Tours sets up a contact office in Taipei as a base for developing Asian market. Through different channels and various operations, Apex Tours presents the Arctic and Antarctic remote area to people who love travelling, nature and photography. Let “Unique Experience, last Forever!”


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